Kurt Tocci

  • Cool Kurt
  • Kurt Flip off Wall
  • Kurt Main Smile
  • Kurt No Expression
  • Kurt Smile Hood
  • Stunt Kurt
  • 2nd try

Kurt Tocci from International Idols Agency on Vimeo.


Standing Back Tuck
Jet Ski
Diablo Stix Juggling
Long Board
Dirt Biking
All Sport: lacrosse, football, wrestling, basketball, swimming, diving



Kurt Tocci, was born in California in 1991. He was raised in a small town, Littleton, Colorado where he grew up. Kurt was raised by his parents who always have supported his passion for entertaining and making people laugh and smile! Kurt knew ever since he started watching movies that he wanted to do the same. He wanted to be the one to inspire kids who would watch him perform, and make them want to chase their dreams. He joined a non profit theater company called The Younger Generation Players, a company that put on main stage off broadway shows for a paying crowd. Kurt stayed with YGP all through middle school AND his high school career performing in over 20 different shows! Kurt then stepped it up and auditioned for A local theater called The Town Hall Arts Center where he would be paid to perform for the first time ever. Kurt landed a part in Oklahoma! as the role of Fred. Then soon after landed a lead role as Roger in GREASE! Kurt has over a 10 year background in musical theater and performing. With over 20 lead roles under his belt and such high energy that it could bring a city back from a black out! He has charisma, love, endurance and passion for performing, for making people smile and bringing each character to life in his own way. Since then, Kurt has become a part of the SAG-AFTRA union and booked many different jobs. Kurt also has also built a youtube channel where he films and produces his own work! He can sing, act, and dance! A triple threat, with a great personality! He has made it his passion and dream to do what he has to to make it to the top. He is a very diverse actor with great facial expressions and a wide range of emotions making him perfect for any role! He takes direction very well and learns very quickly

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