D A Allen

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D A Allen from International Idols Agency on Vimeo.


SAG-AFTRA Actor, Model, Stunts, Karate, and Athlete

Athletic Reel:


Hailing from the “City of Brotherly Love”, D A has had a very eventful and unorthodox path into the world of Acting. Early on, a career in basketball partnered with his innate business acumen, it only seemed fitting that he would have much success as an athlete and investment/money management professional. However, upon entering college at the University of Miami, the primary focus on basketball, Acting was in the back of his mind. Yet that all changed upon a series of events such as breaking an ankle and severely spraining an MCL, losing an academic scholarship (due to depression of not being able to play along with the burden of being 1,500 miles away from a mother with life threatening medical issues), literally being kicked out of school, long and deep soul searching, being admitted back into school, receiving a degree in International Marketing & Finance, doing Marketing for Nike, Financial Advising for MetLife, Management for Adidas and landing in the entertainment industry via a national print ad campaign for Adidas. Modeling was lucrative but not fulfilling whatsoever in his eyes! He wanted more, so mid way through 2011 a commitment was made to himself as he quit his job with adidas and left his basketball coaching position to move to Hollywood and pursue Acting.

He has worked on several different Films, Television productions, Commercials, Music Videos and even hit the stage in the world of Theater since landing in Hollywood. D A has amassed a pretty hefty resume of acting work within the last 3 years and looks to keep this trend going as he truly never stops working! Success is his only Outcome! You can also check him out at www.WhoIsDA.com

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