Aaron Doucette

  • Aaron Doucette – Smile
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  • Aaron Doucette – Bad Guy
  • Aaron Doucette – Dancer Point
  • Aaron Doucette – Theatrical
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Aaron Doucette from International Idols Agency on Vimeo.


Singer & Rapper
Stunt – Tumbling, Trampoline, Parkour, Backflip and High Jumps
Music Producing /EDM / House Hip Hop / Orchestral
Video editor and Cinematography.

Born and raised in a small town by the name of Conroe in Texas right outside of Houston. Aaron started performing live as an actor and singer at the young age of 6. At the age of 9 Aaron added to his skills dancing and has never looked back. He always always pictured myself as a global star/legend ever since he could remember and has traveled all over the country growing his skills as an actor, dancer and singer. Aaron has an amazing personality and even bigger heart. Looking for a guy with range, takes direction well and can play roles from age range 15 – 24 this is your guy! The Nickelodeon kid or the bad guy he can do it all! Almost forgot he does stunts and parkour as well!

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